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Faith Lutheran School is recognized for its strong elementary program. In recent years, 100% of Faith Lutheran School 1st-5th graders scored at least one grade level and as much as nine grade levels above their enrolled grade in Reading, Math, Language, Spelling, and Listening on the Stanford Achievement Test, based on national averages.

Our elementary school classrooms are blended classrooms, which means that two grade levels meet together and share one teacher. Classroom teachers are assisted by paraprofessionals or another teacher to make sure that all students get excellent, one-on-one attention.

Faith Lutheran School's elementary program meets or exceeds all Missouri State standards and uses the curriculum established by the Lutheran Elementary School Association in Missouri as a guideline.

Elementary school students all study Reading, English, Math, Social Studies, Health, Science, Music, Art, and Physical Education. Faith Lutheran Students perform in music and drama at the Christmas service in December. All Faith Lutheran School students attend chapel on Wednesday mornings and participate in daily Bible study. FLS uses Concordia's One in Christ curriculum to supplement our Christ-centered education.

Faith Lutheran School's philosophy believes that participatory, hands-on education is essential, so students are exposed to a variety of learning styles and interactive experiences, including field trips, outdoor education, regular physical activity outside of structured P.E. classes, and creative projects throughout the school year.